Année 1966
Infos Par Dorian Cole. After Hours Book.
Support Livre
Artiste Eric Stanton
Arme Antenne de voiture (?)

“A house of perverted women with Vivi Tremaine as the ruling she-master! Blonde, cruel, with a desire as sharp as a whip-lash, she solicited girls from her illicit strip joints. An innocent young virgin, Dorian Cole, is one of the prize discoveries. Vivi claims her as her very own, her ‘wife’ in a series of lesbian initiations that warp the girl’s attitudes until she wonders what is normal. Others in this bizarre house include demure Jinx, a passive lesbian who likes to be punished and treated like a naughty girl because it’s the only way I can make love. There is Willow, a bombshell of lewd passion who begs any girl to make me a slave and really sets out to establish a master-slave relationship that would cause anyone to cringe with shock. Mildred, a rough lesbian, dibbed butch is another queer member of the gat set. She has more power and desire than a tough lumberjack and more ways to satisfy a girl than a roomful of men. Go along with Butch and watch her in action. The behind-the-scenes story about the perverted waitresses in those swank cocktail lounges that serve as spawning grounds for abnormal urges. A vivid novel that reveals raw passions of odd females who cannot find satisfaction with men. Lesbian She-Masters”.